The Bev Collins Show

Episode 1

Bev Collins interviews activist David Long

Canadian 911 Survivor and Founder of 911 Justice Canada (Part 1)



Richard Gage – American Institute of Architects and  founder of A&E 911Truth (Part 2).

Listen to Episode 1.

Episode 2

Bev Collins interviews Dr. Graeme Macqueen

and Professor Anthony Hall

Episode 3

Bev interviews Assistant Prof Mark Crawford on the Canada/European Trade Agreement

Episode 4

Bev interviews Barrie Zwicker in this 2 hour special

Episode 5

Bev Interviews Kevin Ryan

Episode 6

Bev interviews Kevin Barrett

Episode 7

Bev interviews Ray McGovern  

& Michel Choussudovsky

Episode 8

Bev interviews Susan Lindauer-Former CIA Intelligence Asset

Special Episode

911 Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out A&E 911 Truth

Episode 9

Bev interviews Gail Davidson-Lawyer and Co-Founder of Lawyers Against the War

Episode 10

Bev interviews Elizabeth Woodworth Co-founder of – 1st Hour

Bev interviews Gery Warner Founder & Owner of Tentology

and Member of A&E911 Truth-2nd hour

Episode 11

Bev interviews Italian film maker Massimo Mazzucco

Photo: We are Pre-recording This weeks Bev Collins Show, today at 2pm EST, her guest this week is Massimo Mazzucco an Italian filmmaker who produced the New 5 Hour documentary "The New Pearl Harbor" This show won't Air until this Thurs but during the second hour you have the chance to call in and ask questions.Toll Free Call In Line is 1(866)806-6264 

Episode 12

Bev interviews Richard Gage on his upcoming Cross Canada Rethink911 Tour

Episode 13

Bev interviews Greg Felton

Episode 14

Bev interviews Bob McIIVaine -9/11 Family member who lost his son

Episode 15

Bev interviews David Schlesinger-Gandhian Resistance

Episode 16

Bev interviews David Long-National Co-ordinator of

Episode 17

Bev interviews writer and journalist Craig McKee

Episode 18

Bev interviews Author and Founder of the Wisdom Fund Enver Masud

Episode 19

Bev Interviews CK George-Producer of Media Broadcasting Center


Episode 20

Bev Interviews Kip Warner

Episode 21

Bev Interviews Roland Morgan

Episode 22

Bev Interviews Brian Burchill

Episode 23

Bev interviews Tony Szamboti-9/11 Consensus Panel

Episode 24

Bev Interviews Elizabeth Woodworth-9/11 Consensus Panel

Episode 25

Bev interviews Graeme Macqueen-9/11 Consensus Panel

Episode 26

Bev interviews David Hooper