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Bev is originally from Ottawa, and spent many years in Industrial sales selling to the federal government departments of DND, National Research Council, RCMP, Atomic Energy, Cdn Space Agency, Health & Welfare, Agriculture Cda, Energy Mines & resources etc.

Bev eventually owned her own vacuum scientific company selling for Canadian, European, and American companies.

Bev closed her company and moved west in 1991 quickly finding that most people had no idea what was going on in Ottawa. She began to bring out speakers, Shelley Ann Clark, (FTA Negotiations rigging) Glen Kealey, (Exposing Mulroney corruption) and became President of the Institute for Political Integrity for BC and Alberta. Bev brought Mel Hurtig out to talk about his book “Betrayal of Canada” and the new political party Mel was starting up. She became one of the first candidates for the National Party of Canada in 1993.

Bev remained political after the election and became a researcher, writer and speaker on political issues such as Free Trade, NAFTA, Trilateral Commission, 911 etc. She toured the western provinces on a speaking tour, and  a 7 State American tour.

Bev began hosting community radio shows to discuss political issues and became a guest herself on shortwave and international shortwave for a number of years.

Bev joined the Canadian Action Party as one of their first candidates in 1997. She ran for CAP in 1997, 2000, 2004 and 2006 and became President of the Canadian Action Party in 2007. Bev spoke out on 911 truth and supported an Independent Investigation into 911 through the Canadian Action Party.

Bev continued to speak out and her public meeting on “Broken Promises” the first 2 years of the Harper government was taped and aired on the internet.

In 2008, Bev was approached by the NDP to run for them.  After the election was called, the Liberal party started a smear campaign quickly joined by the Conservatives and main stream media  to try and force Jack Layton to dump her as a candidate because she had previously called for an independent investigation into 911. Jack stood by her, and she finished the election with  a solid 2nd place in her riding.

Bev left party politics after the 2008 election and continues to research, write and speak out on issues such as: the Illegalities of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Bush War Crimes, 911 and its impacts on Canadians rights and freedoms

Bev is excited to be hosting “9/11 Talks” and the Bev Collins show radio on the Media Broadcasting Center radio station through livestream at MBC911.com

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Bev Collins is a Political Candidate – Talk Show Host, Researcher, Writer & Speaker. She has been outspoken on many issues, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

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